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Title IX

Education Amendments of 1972


Title IX of the “Education Amendments of 1972”

When Should I Contact the Title IX Coordinators?

Any student, faculty or staff member, or applicant for admission or education who has concerns about sex discrimination or sexual misconduct is encouraged to seek the assistance of the Title IX coordinator. See the following Title IX Statement.

Contact the coordinator if you:

  • Wish to understand your options if you think you may have encountered sex discrimination or sexual misconduct;
  • Learn of a situation that you feel may warrant an Academy investigation;
  • Need help on how to handle a situation by which you are indirectly affected;
  • Seek guidance on possible informal remedies or administrative measures to de-escalate or alleviate a difficult situation;
  • Have questions about Tenaj Salon Institute’s policies and procedures.

The Coordinator can also facilitate a formal or informal complaint or a police report with the Sumter County Sherriff Department, telephone number (352) 569-1600.


Conversations with the coordinator are kept as confidential as possible, but information about incidents of sexual misconduct must be shared with relevant administrators if Tenaj Salon Institute needs to take action for reasons of community safety. In all cases, Tenaj Salon Institute makes every reasonable effort to handle inquiries, complaints, and investigations in a manner that protects the privacy of all parties. While Tenaj Salon Institute cannot promise complete anonymity in its handling of sexual misconduct complaints, each situation is resolved as discreetly as possible, with information shared only with those who need to know in order to adequately investigate and resolve the matter. Under Florida Statutes Chapter 119, “Public Records Law”, records of sexual harassment investigations are limited-access records with respect to public records requests.

In certain circumstances, Tenaj Salon Institute may be able to address your concerns and stop the behavior without revealing your identity to the alleged harasser. However, this is not always possible. Individuals accused of harassment are provided with the level of detail about the allegations necessary to allow them a fair opportunity to respond. That level of detail varies depending on the circumstances of the incident. In its investigation, the University will be sensitive to the feelings and situation of the person who reported the misconduct. Nevertheless, Tenaj Salon Institute has a compelling interest to address allegations of sexual misconduct brought to its attention. As a result, the University reserves the right to take appropriate action, even in cases when the complainant is reluctant to proceed.