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Holiday Gift Ideas for 2022

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but this Christmas I’ll give you the gift of great hair! TENAJ Salon Institute is not only a cosmetology school and full-service salon, but a salon boutique! We carry various hair care products, along with skin and nail products. Aside from the beauty goodies, we carry an array...
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How often should you wash your hair?

According to the Milady Standard Cosmetology textbook, hair is to be washed “as often as necessary to remove dirt, oils, and product build-up.” Contrary to this hot take, cosmetologists, and people in general, differ in their opinion regarding how often you should wash your hair. Before getting into anything, what do you think? Do you...
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Fall Beauty Tips

You can feel it in the air, you can see it in the hair… Fall is near! The drop in humidity and temperature often make for better hair days, but create a battle with dryness for your skin and nails. Recognize your body changes with the seasons, accept this compassionately, and make conscious choices to...
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How-To: Get More Hair Volume

A daily hair struggle is trying to achieve the perfect amount of volume, regardless of hair type. It could be what products you’re using, what products you’re not using, your hair type, product build-up, or many reasons why your hair is falling flat. This can be fixed though! The hair fairies won’t let you down....
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Hairstyles for the Heat

Summer comes and goes each year, but when it does arrive, I always find myself saying, “I don’t remember it being this hot last year,” when in fact, it was this hot last year. Despite being a Floridian and never acclimating to the high temperatures, heat-friendly hairstyles have been my saving grace! Wearing you hair...
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Summer Beauty Tips

The first official day of summer in our neck of the woods (the northern hemisphere) is June 21! Now is the time to prepare our hair, skin, and nail routines for the hot sun, salty water, and chlorinated pools! During the summertime, our beauty routines must be adjusted to not fight against Mother Nature, but...
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Popular Nail Art Ideas for 2022

Nail art is such a fun, unique way to express yourself and better connect with your individuality. Our nails are often a conversation piece because they are one of the first things we notice when talking to another person. “I love your nails!,” “Where did you get your nails done?,” and “Who did your nails?”...
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