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11 Sensational Hair Coloring Ideas for Blondes

Are you looking to change up your hair? Are you bored of the same old shades? Are you looking for a brand new makeover for your boring blonde hair?

There are lots of options when you’re looking to mix up your hair color, from subtle changes to dramatic makeovers. We’ve got the top hair coloring ideas for blondes you can try out today.

1. All The Way Platinum

Getting a fully platinum look can be difficult to achieve and even harder to maintain, but it can be worth it for a select few. This almost white shade of blonde usually takes a couple of tries to successfully perfect, although it can be a little easier for people with lighter hair.

If you’re someone who takes a lot of time with your hair, platinum may be a great new look for you. But, if you’re lower maintenance or short on time, you may want to look for an option that doesn’t take quite as much upkeep.

If you want something a little bit easier, you can choose a more yellow platinum shade that doesn’t need to be touched up as frequently.

2. Get Some Streaks

Streaks are a great way to mix up your hairstyle without dying your whole head, which is perfect for people with sensitive scalps or who don’t have time to sit around all day.

If you’re looking for something more alternative, try some cool contrasting colors like blue, purple, or red.

If you’re not looking to go completely colorful, consider picking a warmer or cooler shade that’s close to the blonde you already had. It’s a quiet way to change up your look without turning every head you pass on the street.

3. Make It Dirty

Dirty blonde is an easy to maintain shade that tons of people can pull off on. a daily basis. You can let dirty blonde grow out, even with dark roots, and it will just become a completely different hair color over time, so it’s a look that can transition between seasons.

Plus, dirty blonde is a more natural-looking shade, so it’s perfect for people who stick with hippie styles.

4. Get a Shade of Red

Shades of red and strawberry blonde are perfect for blondes looking to add some spice to their beautiful hair. Copper, for example, is one particularly transformative shade.

You could even layer in red streaks, or streaks with different shades of red and blonde, for a more dimensional hair color.

Red hair is also a great compliment to some of the classic fall hairstyles you may be looking to incorporate into your rotation. That’s especially true if you’re adding accessories like hats, scarves, headbands, and clips. Red hair really helps your hair accessories stand out.

5. Get an Ombre Look

Ombre is a newer but exciting way to add a blonde aspect to your hair. Basically, an ombre is a gradient that will start as one hair color at the top of your head and slowly change to a different color by the time it gets to the tips of your hair.

That means that it’s easier to grow out, assuming you’re starting with your natural hair color. So, ombre hair won’t require as many touch-ups at the salon.

6. Caramel Layers

Taking a caramel approach to blonde hair is a great way to make your new blonde hair a little more subtle. These warm, brown-red shades are especially good for people with darker skin.

7. Bright White

One of the newest trends when it comes to blonde hair is to have completely white hair. This isn’t your granny’s white hair, though.

You can stick with a silver wash if you don’t want something as dramatic as completely white hair. A warning, though. White and grey blondes are even more difficult to keep up than platinum blonde, so make sure you’re very committed to your new look before you start out on your white hair journey.

8. Sweet As Honey

A nice shade of honey blonde can be a sweeter approach to the classical shade of blonde. These blonde shades are a little warmer and neutral, which makes them perfect for the warmer months of the year.

9. Buttery

Are you hungry for a new hair color? A buttery blonde with darker roots has less upkeep than many of the other blonde shades, but can still look nice and bright for a long time.

Buttery shades of blonde can also be a great way to compliment your skin, which is perfect if you’re starting a new skincare routine in the near future that you may want to show off.

10. Icy Cold

For something that stands out, picking a cooler shade of blonde can add a totally grunge feel to your look. Something ashy, like a mushroom blonde, can be a perfect shade going into the fall season.

Just make sure you consult with your stylist to pick a shade that suits your skin tone, so you don’t end up looking too washed out.

11. Beachy Keen

Beachy blonde is a classic, but it’s classic for a reason. Easy to maintain, beach blonde hair is a great fit for more than just the summer months. Plus, beach blonde hair looks good in every texture — wavy, curly, stick straight, and everything in between.

These Hair Coloring Ideas for Blondes Are Just the Beginning

These hair coloring ideas for blondes are just the starting point for your hair transformation journey. You have to choose what will work best for you and your lifestyle. So do your research and find a hair color you’ll love today!

Are you looking for a change when it comes to your hair? Or, do you want to start a career with it? Contact us today for more information.

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