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dry skin routine

Everyone has different skin, knowing the right routine is essential. Here's how you can create the perfect dry skin routine.

8 Ways to Create the Perfect Dry Skin Routine

For as many skin types as there are, there are routines to keep them healthy and radiant. Each individual will have problem areas and should investigate accordingly.

There will never be a one size fits all solution. For those looking to develop a dry skin routine, however, we are here to help figure out something that can alleviate some stress and get that skin healthy and glowing today!

Understanding the Causes

To develop the best routine it is important to understand the main causes of dry skin.

Beginning the plan. There will be split between AM and PM, determining the order and a small change in products that are used. Your skin has different needs during the day and different needs during the night.

Overnight some products will be used to heal, protect, and revitalize. These are applied at specific times and in very specific orders.

Morning and/or Day

  • Cleanser
  • Serum
  • Toner
  • Eye Cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen/Protectant

Evening and Overnight

  • Double Cleansers
  • Booster/Essence
  • Eye Cream
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer

As you see there are slight changes, even with the items that are shared in the lists, the specific types change depending on the time of day. This is because a big part of the day’s goal is focused on protection!

As much as we love the sun, it can do a number on the skin and the health of skin, especially if you are having issues caring for particularly dry skin.

An overnight serum will not be the same as a day serum.

1. Cleansing

When cleansing it is essential to match the cleanser to your skin type, in this case, because you are dealing with dry skin you are going to want to look into a cleansing balm.

This type of cleanser is oil-based and far less likely to irritate your skin and dry it out further.

2. Serum

After proper cleansing, your next step is the application of a serum. These continue the treatment of the skin, keeping the soft, smooth texture that you are looking for. But they also serve an even more important function.

Serums are working to both repair and defend your skin from further damage. Packed with plant oils, amino acids, a collection of essential vitamins such as vitamin E and C they provide a glowing complexion while working behind the scenes

One of the more popular selections is this hydrating intensive care serum from Darphin

3. Toner

Most people do not associate toner with dry skincare since its most common uses are for overly oily skin and acne-related problems. However, there have developments for many other uses now.

Toners have been expanded to the more general use of evening out the skin, allowing for further skincare benefits. In this case, you will be looking for the top products for hydration.

Ingredients that best serve these purposes are; rose water, aloe, hyaluronic acid, among others. You will always want to stay away from anything alcohol based as it dries out the skin.

A very popular choice is this toner from Fresh which has two of the mentioned items, rose water and hyaluronic acid, as its base. Or if you are willing to splurge a little, this selection from La Mer.

4. Moisturizer

While your first thought may be to use the same product for day and night there it is far better to tailor your routine depending on the time of day.

The type of moisturizer best suited for use in the AM is much different from what would be most effective for night and overnight.

5. Sunscreen

While these are important to have to keep your skin healthy after putting all the other effort into your routine, you need to be observant of some specifics of using them.

A helpful option is utilizing moisturizers that are SPF rated. A popular selection is this combo from Aveeno. These can serve a dual purpose.

With these, you don’t have to worry about remembering applying before or after your other product.

This needs mentioning because chemical sunscreens do need to be applied before using any moisturizers while mineral type can be used after. If done improperly, the effectiveness is lowered.

Other strategies to combine don’t involve additional products at all. Make sure to continually stay hydrated, when cleaning use cool or at most lukewarm water, and if you can limit your sun exposure you should try to.

6. Exfoliation Products

Even in a dry skin routine, the practice of exfoliation is a necessary step. Though it would be done less often, only once or twice a week. It is important to gentle but effective enough to remove the dead skin cells.

It must be stressed that they need to be a light exfoliant or you stand to further damage your skin.

Working exfoliants into your routine actually will aid your end goals as it allows debris and dead layers to be removed allowing any products you are using to more effectively reach any skin needing them.

7. Sleeping Habits

As with any part of your health and well-being, a good night’s rest will do wonders. There is a reason that the term “beauty sleep” has lasted all these years, it’s accurate.

During your sleep cycle, the body is producing collagen, this helps the repair process occur. During the repair process and sleep the body is balancing its pH levels.

If it is unable to do such, for example, because it doesn’t have the proper rest cycle time, there is an unbalance and the body will not produce the proper amount of moisture it requires. This, in turn, will dry the skin out.

Not only drying the skin out but often creating uneven complexion and coloration as well.

8. Dietary Habits

Depending on dietary habits you can help or hinder your skin health. There are large amounts of skin-healthy foods that are recommended for individuals looking to both heal dry skin and maintain their skin’s health.

Among these are:

– Egg Whites
– Avocados
– Salmon and other Omega-3 heavy fish or seafood
– Kale

One of the biggest detriments to skin health when it comes to dietary intake is excessive consumption of alcohol. Two major contributors to this are vitamin depletion and dehydration.

It can also do damage to various blood vessels in the face and surrounding areas. It should be noted that this is primarily in excessive amounts and small levels of consumption can be beneficial sometimes.

The main item being the antioxidant, Resveratrol which is found in grapes used in red wine. This is a contributor to anti-aging factors in skin health. The key is moderation.

Dry Skin Routine A Start to Further Healthy Habits

Learning the ins and outs of a good dry skin routine is the start of a road to understanding all of what it takes to correct any problems people may have with all skin health issues.

After learning these skills today come to see what else more advanced skincare has to offer you and what skills you can learn.

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