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Is Color Melting a Trend or is it Here to Stay?

Nobody wants to be the person who looks at photos of decades past and wish they hadn't jumped into a hair fad. Is color melting just a fad, or is it a classic?

Is Color Melting a Trend or is it Here to Stay?

When was the last time you changed your hair color?

Whether you enjoy a few highlights here and there or every month is the chance to try a bold, bright shade, it’s fun playing with your hair! It gives you the chance to reinvent yourself, boost your confidence, and add a little something different to your everyday.

One of the hair looks we’re in love with at the moment is color melting. But, if you’re worried to jump aboard a train that’s destined for the museum of bad hairstyles, you probably want to make sure this is more than just a passing fad.

To help you, our cosmetology school experts have put together everything you need to know about color melting.

What Is Color Melting?

Color melting isn’t too different from some trends you’ll already know, like balayage. The idea behind this technique is to blend your root color with a second color, melting the two together seamlessly so you can’t really spot where one ends and the other begins! This means that there are no harsh lines, even when your roots grow out, and you’ll get a gorgeous look that lasts longer.

Natural hair colors, such as blonde and brown, can be used to create color melting. But, if you prefer to be a little more out there with your style, bolder colors such as pink, purple, and orange can be all be used, either with different shades of the same color or with a neutral base color, such as platinum.

Is Color Melting Here to Stay?

Hair colors and styling naturally evolve over time—there aren’t many people at our beauty school who need to learn how to cut styles from the 1960s! So, of course, one-day color melting will be a look of this era.

But there’s a difference between a style of the times and a quick, passing trend. If you don’t want to regret your look in a year’s time, you need to pick a look that’s going to be a bit more timeless.

Luckily, color melting is a great choice! We’ve already seen highlights and babylights sticking around for a long time, and balayage—which only really hit the scene a few years ago—looks like it’s here to stay, too. As color melting is a similar technique to these, it should follow the same pattern.

Not only does it follow the love of multiple tones rather than one block of color, but color melting also has tons of its own benefits. It needs fewer touchups than other coloring techniques, is less damaging to hair, and is super low maintenance. Why wouldn’t it stick around?

Learn More About Hair Trends

Color melting is just one of the many, many things you’ll learn about at Tenaj Salon Institute hair school! From what a partial foil is to how to hands-on experience cutting real people’s hair, you’ll get to know everything you need to become an expert stylist.

If you’re interested, be sure to apply for your place at our school.


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