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Exploring Career Opportunities Beyond the Chair

Having a cosmetology license offers a range of career opportunities that aren’t so similar to a traditional salon setting. Learn more!

Exploring Career Opportunities Beyond the Chair

The world of beauty and cosmetology extends far beyond the confines of a salon chair. If you’re pursuing a career in the beauty industry, you’re stepping into a field that opens doors to an array of exciting opportunities. 

As with any career path, you make it your own. Some think the only career path you can take with a cosmetology license is being a hair stylist and working in a beauty salon, however this is far from the truth. You can make your own mark in the beauty-verse by choosing a niche(s) that’s most suitable for your passions, goals, and skills! 

From working behind the scenes in film and television to creating stunning runway looks, having a cosmetology license offers a range of career opportunities that aren’t so similar to a traditional salon setting. 

In this blog post, we’ll share what it’s like to work as a cosmetologist in the entertainment industry, including film, television, and runway shows! Who knows, this may be your path. 

Lights, Camera, Beauty: The Role of Cosmetologists in Film and Television

The world of film and television seeks perfection in every detail, and that includes hair, makeup, nails, skin, and overall aesthetics. 

As a cosmetology graduate and cosmetology license holder, you can find your place in this glamorous realm; contributing to the magic of on-screen characters and storylines coming to life. 

For some, these are jobs one can only dream about! 

Makeup artistry. 

Behind every captivating character lies a talented makeup artist.  With opportunities such as creating believable scars or transforming actors into fantastical creatures, makeup artists play a pivotal role in achieving the looks that make you think, “How did they do that?,” or “Is that really just makeup?!,” when watching something on the big screen. 

Learning the art of special effects makeup during your cosmetology journey could be your ticket to working on movie sets. Before you know it, you could have the chance to create a zombie look from scratch or create your own avant-garde style!

Hair styling. 

Skilled hairstylists are indispensable on film and TV sets. Examples of their work include replicating retro hairstyles for a drama set in the 70s or creating futuristic hairdos for a sci-fi blockbuster. Aside from styling natural hair, you’ll get a great deal of experience with wigs, extensions, and all kinds of fake hair! 

(Fun fact: Did you know in the recent Barbie movie, Margot Robbie wore 48 different wigs throughout the movie?! The cosmetologists on the crew made this happen without viewers ever second-guessing if it’s Barbie’s real hair or not. That’s some real talent!) 

Cosmetology graduates who master intricate styles and possess an understanding of historical and unique hair trends have a competitive advantage in this field. This is where letting your creative juices flow really comes into play!

Nail Artistry.

While hair and makeup take center stage in the world of film and television, let’s not forget the tiny, yet eye-catching details: nails. Nail artistry has become an essential component of character design and storytelling, making experienced nail techs sought after in the industry.

Nails can be a canvas for expressing a character’s personality, preferences, symbolism, and even their journey. Whether elegantly manicured nails are requested for a sophisticated character, or an edgy nail design that reveals a a character’s rebellious side, nail technicians play a subtle, but significant role in character development. 

Just as hairstyles and makeup need to be era-specific in period productions, so do nails. A nail technician well-versed in historical nail trends can transport the audience to different eras with authenticity. For instance, when you think of the 80s, you might think of multi-colored polishes and frosty tints on a long, squoval nail shape.

Skin Care. 

Skin care is the foundation of any beauty regimen, and when it comes to film and television, achieving that radiant glow is a must-have for camera-ready appearances.

Skincare routines tailored to actors’ skin types and concerns create the perfect canvas for makeup application. A cosmetologist with a grasp of skin care can ensure that actors not only look their best on camera, but also maintain a healthy skin complexion throughout their demanding shooting schedules.

Just as special effects makeup transforms appearances, special effects skin care can alter skin textures and conditions to suit character roles. Depending if the character calls for aging or specific skin conditions, expert cosmetologists can make these transformations both believable and seamless.

Film and TV sets often involve long hours under hot lights and heavy makeup. A cosmetologist well-versed in skincare can provide on-set touch-ups and recommendations that maintain the actors’ skin health, ensuring their longterm comfort and confidence.

The Runway: Creating Art Through Beauty

Runway shows are the epitome of creativity and expression, and cosmetology graduates can be at the heart of these artistic endeavors.

Fashion week glamour.

Imagine being part of the team that crafts looks for models walking the most renowned runways during a NYC or Paris fashion week. As a cosmetologist, you can experiment with progressive makeup, all the while pushing beauty boundaries alongside fashion designers and other top names in the industries. 

Haute couture collaborations.

High-end fashion frequently demands unique, customized looks. Your cosmetology skills an be an integral part of creating the complete vision for a designer’s collection. You can collaborate with the designer to translate their vision into reality with hair and makeup that showcases the essence of their fashion collection.

Editorial shoots.

Editorial photoshoots for fashion magazines additionally call for trailblazing beauty concepts. Cosmetologists who can create visually stunning and thought-provoking looks can find themselves working with top photographers, models, and other talent. 

Unveiling the Glamour: How to Step Into These Arenas

1. Specialized Training.

To excel in film, TV, or runway, consider continuing education beyond your cosmetology program. Special effects makeup courses, advanced hair styling workshops, and courses in fashion and editorial makeup can make you stand out in these competitive fields with these skills that show you went the extra mile. 

2. Networking.

Like any industry, networking is key. If you’re thinking about becoming a cosmetologist, you’re most likely a people person, so this should be easy for you. 

Attend industry events, fashion shows, and film festivals to connect with professionals in the field. We attend the PREMIER Orlando Beauty Show every year to stay up-to-date with beauticians of all experience levels. 

Building relationships can lead to exciting opportunities, gained knowledge, and  lifelong friendships!

3. Portfolio Building.

Curate a portfolio that showcases your versatility and skills. Highlight your work in different genres, making sure to incorporate a variety of what you can bring to the table. A strong portfolio can make a lasting impression on potential employers and clients! 

4. Keep up.

Trends in film, TV, and fashion change rapidly. Remain updated on industry trends, both in beauty and in storytelling. This knowledge can be your ace in the hole during job interviews and other stepping stone opportunities. 

Cosmetology graduates, your journey doesn’t have to end at the salon door. Opportunities in film, TV, and runway are waiting for your creative touch. 

By honing your skills, staying innovative, and seizing networking opportunities, you can venture into these exciting realms and make your mark in the world of beauty beyond the chair! 

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