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How often should you wash your hair?

The answer to, “How often should I wash my hair?” varies for everyone. Let's hear what the experts have to say!

How often should you wash your hair?

According to the Milady Standard Cosmetology textbook, hair is to be washed “as often as necessary to remove dirt, oils, and product build-up.” Contrary to this hot take, cosmetologists, and people in general, differ in their opinion regarding how often you should wash your hair.

Before getting into anything, what do you think? Do you wash your hair daily or do you give it a few days between shampoo sessions? Comment your hair washing routine below!

Because everyone’s hair and scalp is unique to them, the answer to, “How often should I wash my hair?” varies for everyone. Nonetheless, let’s dig in to what the experts have to say…

1. “You should wash your hair whenever your scalp feels greasy, dirty or smelly, regardless of your hair type.”

Hairdresser and trichologist, Guy Parsons, also known as the “Hair Doctor,” believes you should play around with washing your hair, by washing it more or less often, to see what works best for you. Experiment to find the sweet spot of healthy, clean, and balanced hair.

2. “Washing your hair too often can make the hair dry and brittle and lead to irritation of the scalp.”

Director of cosmetic and clinical research, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, claims that although shampooing your hair each day is satisfying, this regimen can actually hurt your hair in the long-run.

3. “It is a misconception that frequent washing increases hair loss. If a person is not experiencing genetic thinning, they can wash and keep hair looking fresh and fabulous even daily so long as they are using a gentle shampoo.”

Certified trichologist, Michelle Blaisure is passionate about fine, thinning hair, and hair loss education. In addition to a gentle shampoo, she recommends using a voluminizing conditioner for those with fine and thin hair.

4. “If a person is oily, it’s fine to wash it every day. If they are dry, it’s fine to wash it once a week, but once a week at least for hygienic purposes.”

Dermatologist, Dr. Fusco, suggests washing the hair at least once a week to prevent product buildup. Product build-up, along with the natural dirt and grime accumulated in the hair, lead to an assortment or other issues, such as irritation or flakine

ss. If struggling with dandruff, Dr. Fusco advises individuals to wash their hair at least two times a week with an antidandruff shampoo.

5. “Washing your hair daily is one of the best things you can do for your scalp health.” 

Anabel Kingsley, brand president and consultant trichologist for Philip Kingsley, reminds us that yes, we are washing our hair, but we are also washing our scalp, which is our skin. Therefore, when you think about it… would yo

u go without washing your face or body for several days? Doubtful!

There you have it, 5 differing expert opinions in response to the age-old questions, “How often should I wash my hair?” It appears the final verdict is to each their own. Experiment with your own hair to definitively plan out your hair-washing schedule. Let us know your thoughts!

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