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NEW L'anza Keratin Healing Oil Products

Learn more about the Rapid Bond Reconstructor and the Bond Smoothing Styler: how to use these L’Anza products and their benefits!  

NEW L’anza Keratin Healing Oil Products

We’re so grateful to use and carry L’Anza Hair Care’s Keratin Healing Oil (KHO) products. They don’t call these products “liquid gold” for nothing! The before and after’s of KHO products are enough to make you think, “I NEED that that in my life!”

See? We’re not making this up!

If your hair lacks volume and shine, easily frizzes, and is leaning on the dry side, L’anza’s KHO line will be your new best friend. Made with natural, wildcrafted botanicals, these products give your hair the loving we all should be receiving. And the best part is, any hair type can benefit! 

We have two new KHO speciality products hitting our shelves that we’ve been dying to tell you about: the Rapid Bond Reconstructor and the Bond Smoothing Styler! 

Both of these products have been shown to work so well that they have broken records in the hair care world! Clinical studies have sown that the Rapid Bond Reconstructor is the number 1 product for strengthening hair among tested competitors and the Bond Smoothing Styler is 98% more effective at preventing hair frizz than tested competitors. 

Learn more about how to use these L’Anza KHO products and their benefits! 

Keratin Healing Oil Rapid Bond Reconstructor

Infused with apple cider vinegar, peptides, healing seed oils, and other powerhouse ingredients, this product can be applied to damp or towel-dried hair from roots to ends before styling. Go from frizz to fab in minutes!

Its nurturing properties strengthen, hydrate, and protect the hair. Bond-Building Active ingredients work together to prevent breakage and boost hair integrity. Think of this bond reconstructor as quite literally reconstructing your hair bonds to restore then back to their natural, healthy state! 

Keratin Healing Oil Bond Smoothing Styler

This leave-in styling product transforms dull and lackluster hair into smooth and shiny locks! Rough hair cuticles are smoothed and rising frizz is diminished. Made with coconut, grape seed, and sunflower oil, along with a plethora of other fortifying ingredients (such as lactic and glycolic acid,) work to replenish the hair from the inside out.

Apply this product to wet or towel-dried hair before styling. Those with fine hair are advised to only apply it mid-hair to ends, while those with thick hair are advised to apply it from roots to ends. It also doubles as a great detangler if you struggle with hair tangling!

And don’t worry, just because you see the word “oil” doesn’t mean these products will make your hair greasy. As with most, a little bit goes a long way in hair care. 

The shine achieved by these products is enough reason to give them a try. Come shop now and discuss which Keratin Healing Oil products are best for your hair goals with one our fabulous students at TENAJ Salon Institute! Schedule a visit today!

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