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New Year's Eve 2022 Beauty Looks

What are your plans for NYE? Take a peek at our top picks for beauty looks anyone can rock when the ball drops!

New Year’s Eve 2022 Beauty Looks

New Year’s Eve is a universal holiday devoted to celebrating. It inspires you to learn from gained experiences of the past year, and look forward to what new experiences are to come! 

In the United States alone, it’s approximated 92% of adults celebrate NYE in some capacity; whether they choose to gather at home with loved ones, or go out on the town.

NYE fashion and beauty have been a phenomenon since the days of ancient Babylon. Over the millenniums, NYE fashion and beauty traditions have continued to evolve to where we are today!

Take a peek at our top picks for New Year’s Eve 2022 hair, nail, and make-up beauty looks anyone can rock when the ball drops!

New Year’s Eve 2022 Hairstyle Beauty Looks

1. Hairstyle by @poppy_hairstyles.

A simple low, polished bun can be dressed up with hair pearls or jewels for an added oomph! At TSI, we offer Bijou by Blinger hair jewels as a complement to any hairstyle. Purposed for special events, these hair jewels effectively adhere to the hair, but are also easily removed. For a night, who doesn’t love to sparkle?!

2. Hairstyle by @jenovoymakeupstudio.

Ponytail on ponytail on ponytail! This easy look can be achieved by even those with thin or fine hair. Teasing will be your friend! Curl your hair before styling for added volume and texture, or try this bubble ponytail look on your natural hair.

3. Hairstyle by @monarchhairco.

There’s no rule stating glitter has to be contained to one spot on your hair… especially on New Year’s Eve! Go for gold by sprinkling glitter all over your styled hair. You’ll shine bright and bring festive, holiday cheer to those around you!

New Year’s Eve 2022 Nail Beauty Looks

1. Nails by @basecoatstories.

These nails can be done by even those that struggle to maintain a steady hand when doing nails. Apply a clear coat to your nails, dab a little bit of black polish on the top portion of your nail, and allow it to dry. Once dry, dab concentrated, gold glitter nail polish to the middle portion of your nail. Abstract and elegant!

2. Nails by @heluviee.

If you don’t have bejeweled nails on NYE, are you even celebrating?! Dazzle up a nude nail by applying a light coat of colorful glitter faded into the tips. Opt for another color duo to better accentuate the colors of your outfit!

3. Nails by @nailsxmina.

There’s something about a classy, pearly white nail that pairs well with the holidays. This timeless look has been admired over the years and continues to be a crowd favorite!

New Year’s Eve 2022 Make-up Beauty Looks

1. Make-up by @brows_andthebees.

Glitter makes another appearance in our top picks with glitter brows! Make your brows glisten with glitter of your choosing. Chunky, fine, colored, gold, silver… Play around with what works best with your skin tone and outfit!

2. Make-up by @mx.maquillage.etc.

All the rage in the 90s, brown lips are back in action! Appearing different on each skin tone, try out varying brown shades to find a brown lipstick most flattering to you. Brown lips can pull together any color combo!

3. Make-up by @madeupbykaty.

Iridescent, metallic eyeshadows can be used alone or blended together to create an other-worldly, luminous make-up look. You’ll be sure to grab the attention of many with eyes decorated in fairy dust!

What’s your favorite New Year’s Eve 2022 beauty look? Drop a comment below.

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Happy New Year!

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