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Is Cosmetology School Worth It?


Is Cosmetology School Worth It?

We’re here to tell you yes, cosmetology school is absolutely worth it. And we’re not just saying that because we are a cosmetology school. We do what we do for a reason: to set up others for long-term success in the beauty industry (one of the most leading industries on the globe!)

If you’re on the fence about which career path to take, consider the many pros of obtaining your cosmetology license. Even if you never want to be behind the chair, there are numerous other opportunities available to you with a cosmetology license.

Below are 5 reasons we believe cosmetology school is worth it!

1. You enter the workforce sooner.

Due to cosmetology school taking less time to complete than receiving a degree from a college or university, you can establish yourself in the professional world and start making money as soon as you graduate.

Our 1,200 hour program takes approximately 9-months to complete, with students attending school full-time, Monday through Friday. Conversely, it takes approximately 2 years to receive an associate’s degree, 4 years to receive a bachelor’s degree, and 6 years to receive a master’s year! 

In the amount of time it takes the average person to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, you can already have over 3 years work experience under your belt.

This perspective can help you make the decision whether cosmetology school is the best route for you.

2. There are countless career opportunities.

Just because you have a cosmetology license doesn’t mean you have to be a hairstylist. So many career opportunities exist for those with a cosmetology license!

Cosmetologists can showcase their skills and focus their passion by doing make-up artistry, eyelash extensions, eyebrow services, skin care treatments, and more. You can even venture to become a cosmetology instructor, salon owner, or beauty writer.

Because your license is transferrable or reciprocal between most states, you can move around as you desire to tame your inner gypsy (if that might be holding you back!) Look into each state’s reciprocity laws here.

3. You are allowed to express yourself creatively.

No one likes their sparkle to dulled… In cosmetology school, your sparkle is encouraged to shine on! With each new day, so much creativity can be unleashed.

Whether you’re a working with a guest who has given you the freedom to do as you wish with their hair, or you’re transforming your mannequin head into a masterpiece, there are continual outlets for creative expression.

At TSI, we regularly host fun contests and events, like our Halloween-themed mannequin-head contest, that motivates students to express themselves!

4. Say no-more to your typical office-job environment.

You either love to work with your hands, or enjoy getting work done at the comfort of a desk. For those of you who learn better by watching others and doing things yourself, cosmetology school is a match!

While you can choose a path that requires desk work in the realm of cosmetology, such as being an editor for a beauty magazine, or a business-savvy salon owner, it should be considered that the majority of cosmetology work requires you to work with your hands, on your feet.

When you picture yourself well-established in your career, do you see yourself sitting at a cubicle calling the shots, or do you see yourself interacting with people on a salon floor? How you answer this can be a game-changer with what you want to do with your cosmetology license.

5. You will begin to build your network and clientele in school.

From the moment you start school, to your last day, you’ll be meeting new people. Building relationships and connecting with others is the foundation of a successful cosmetology business. Networking in school can help you line up future jobs and direct you to speak with others who can fuel your success.

Because we see over 2,000 guests per month at TSI, there are plenty of guests to go-around for our students to service. The greater a relationship you build with your guests, the more likely they are to follow you after you graduate. Kill two birds with one stone and begin growing a clientele while on the clock in cosmetology school!

So, YES, cosmetology school is worth it!

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