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Popular Nail Art Ideas for 2022

Nail art is such a fun, unique way to express yourself and better connect with your individuality. Check out these popular nail art trends!

Popular Nail Art Ideas for 2022

Nail art is such a fun, unique way to express yourself and better connect with your individuality. Our nails are often a conversation piece because they are one of the first things we notice when talking to another person.

“I love your nails!,” “Where did you get your nails done?,” and “Who did your nails?” are common questions heard by many around the globe!

While creating your own nail art is exciting, sometimes gaining inspiration from others is just what you need. Below are trending nail art designs for 2022!

1. Colored designs on clear nails.

Forget painting the entire nail. Polish your nails with a clear coat and then play with colored designs, such as lines, dots, squiggles, and various patterns. Let your inner child play!

Image Source: @katebonarnails

2. Splattered paint.

This can be done on clearly polished nails or colored nails. To create the splattered paint effect, first put tape around your nail or petroleum jelly (Vaseline®) to cover the skin. Then, tap the end of your nail polish brush and flick it above the nail. Try practicing this technique before doing it on your nails to get the hang of it.

Image Source: Sarah Lou Nails

3. Enhanced French manicures.

French tips are applied to only certain nails, while other nails are decorated with another design of choice. Popular designs to implement with a French mani are stars, hearts, flowers, spirals, and patterned lines.

Image Source: Refinery 29

4. Bright swirls.

Bright swirls of several colors on the nails create a groovy, psychedelic look. This look is not easily achieved, due to the possibly of colors seeping into one another. Patience is key when mastering this look.

Image Source: Jessica Tong-Ahn

5. Flowers.

Simple, dainty flowers all over the nail is a cute look perfect for any occasion. The flowers are applied to either a clearly polished nail or a lightly colored nail for a more elegant look. To create a bolder look, apply the flower nail art to brightly colored nails.

Image Source: @THEHANGEDIT

6. Geometric designs.

Geometric designs are simple to paint, given the right tool. Mostly lines and dots, there is nothing too complicated about the design, but precision is key. White geometric designs on black nails is a crowd favorite!

Image Source:

7. Checkerboard designs.

Colorful checkerboard designs can be done over the entire nail, or as the tip. Don’t stick to one color, but do paint each nail a different colored checkerboard design for a more quirky look.


8. Half moon nails.

Also known as the reverse French manicure, putting a half moon design on the innermost part of your nail, rather than the tip, is a cute way to switch things up. This can be done with traditional French manicure colors, but is typically done with complementary colors.

Image Source: @amyle.nails

9. Caged nails.

Made popular from the show, Euphoria on HBO, the appearance of caged nails is achieved by applying diagonal lines across one another on the nails. The design is not complicated, but it does require a steady hand to perfect.

Image Source: @natalieminervanails

10. Smiley-face nails.

You can’t go wrong with yellow nails topped with a black smiley face. This nostalgic look brings us back to childhood and is sure to put a smile on your face, along with others.

Image Source: @nailsbymh

Your nails are a portion of the canvas that is your body. Take care of them and make them fun to look at every day!

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