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Summer Beauty Tips

Summer is almost here! Now is the time to prepare our hair, skin, and nail routines for the hot sun, salty water, and chlorinated pools.

Summer Beauty Tips

The first official day of summer in our neck of the woods (the northern hemisphere) is June 21! Now is the time to prepare our hair, skin, and nail routines for the hot sun, salty water, and chlorinated pools!

During the summertime, our beauty routines must be adjusted to not fight against Mother Nature, but flow with her. What you did throughout the winter months is most likely not suitable for what you need to do through the summer months (unless you live in Florida where it feels like summer year-round!)

Let’s give a run down on the best beauty tips to follow this summer! Because summer is more of a mindset in year-round warm environments, these beauty tips can be applied accordingly to suit your individual needs.

1. Stock up on the sunscreen.

Summertime calls for countless outdoor activities. Save yourself a pit stop for sunscreen on your way to the party by stocking up on sunscreen ahead of time. Better yet, save yourself from sun damage and a potential sleepless night! Sunburn and sheets do not mix.

Aim to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30. Remember the key is to reapply your sunscreen every 90 minutes. It’s not convenient, but stop complaining and commit to doing this if you want healthy skin!

2. Don’t forget to pack your hats & sunglasses.

While sunscreen is useful, actually blocking the sun from your head and face with hats and sunglasses is a sure-fire way of knowing you are well-protected. If you don’t think you’re a hat person, you haven’t found the right hat for your head and face shape. Keep looking! Baseball caps, straw hats, berets, fedoras, bucket hats… there are so many options! Seek out sunglasses that guarantee UV protection, in addition to being a fun fashion accessory. Fall in love with our salon boutique’s Bogg Bags that are perfect for taking on the beach or bringing on the water! 

3. Take a break from heat styling.

It feels good to accept and style your natural hair. Because your hair is already being pounded with sun, salt, and chemicals from your summer adventures, it’s recommended to keep heat styling to a minimum. This will help you maintain healthy hair, save time, and boost your self-confidence! Use a styling gel or mousse to add that extra flair without the heat. Choose from Schwarzkopf Professional, L’ANZA, and Alterna hair care products at TSI! woman standing on terrace

4. Rinse your hair before and after swimming.

Your hair, being a like a sponge, absorbs what it is immersed in. To reduce the amount of harsh chemicals and salt water that stick to the hair when swimming, rinse your hair with fresh water beforehand. This will create a barrier for your hair, so that less gunk soaks up in the hair. After swimming, take another fresh water rinse to clean your hair and skin. Thankfully, most pools and public or resort beaches have a shower conveniently placed nearby the water!

5. Invest in waterproof makeup.

You either love or hate waterproof makeup, but summer shenanigans makes it a necessity. Even though it can feel impossible to take off at the end of the night, it works its magic throughout the day. Waterproof also means sweat-proof, which can be a saving grace in 100 degree weather. Be ready to bat your lashes and pout your lips for any photo-op when you’re wearing your waterproof makeup! At TSI, we sell and use Smashbox Cosmetics, which provide a plethora of waterproof makeup products. 

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