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Tips for Acing Your Cosmetology State Board Exam

With the proper preparation and positive mindset, you will pass your cosmetology state board exam with flying colors!

Tips for Acing Your Cosmetology State Board Exam

You’ve graduated from cosmetology school and now it’s time to take take your state board exam! Congratulations on making it to this point!

Passing your cosmetology state board exam may seem like a daunting task, but with the proper preparation and positive mindset, you will pass with flying colors!

During your time at TSI, we have readied for you this exam by educating you in the classroom and on the salon floor. Below are 5 helpful tips for acing your cosmetology state board exam!

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1. Plan ahead & arrive prepared.

Verify the important details, such as where and what time your exam is taking place, prior to your exam. If you have never been to the address where the exam is being held, map it out beforehand (thank you, technology!) or do a trial-drive to ensure you know exactly where you’re going. The last thing you want on exam day is the added stress of not knowing where you’re going and being late!

Visibly check you have all forms of identification requested for the exam before traveling. The specifics of what you need to bring and what you are not allowed to bring will be given to you prior to arriving for the exam. If you have any questions, please go here!

2. Immerse yourself in cosmetology.

After graduation and until the day of your exam, continually immerse yourself yourself in all things cosmetology to keep things fresh in your mind. Textbooks, techniques, tutorials… there are several options to keep you entertained!

You may feel like you learned it all while you were in school, but reviewing information will make a huge difference in your memory recall. The more you retain, the more likely you will pass your exam!

3. Do practice exams.

There are countless free cosmetology state board practice exams available online. Take advantage of these free resources to evaluate where you are in your studies. You will quickly realize what topics you need to work on and what topics you feel comfortable with.

Do not fret if you do not pass your first practice exam. Keep on, keepin’ on and you will receive a high score in no time! The more you practice, the more familiar you will be with what to expect on exam day.

Try this practice exam to get started! 

4. Study with others.

Studying is always more fun with friends! Schedule study groups with those you met in cosmetology school to learn from one another and increase your chances of success.

Studying in groups is not for everyone, so if you feel independent learning is more your speed, this is totally up to you. Because know your learning style best, this is what should be catered to.

5. Study what’s most difficult first.

When diving into the cosmetology books and practicing techniques, focus on what you struggle with to begin with. Once you better understand this, move on to easier material. Getting the hard stuff out of the way will make mastering the rest feel like a breeze!

Take a deep breath. Give yourself love. Trust in the process. Good luck!!!

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Do YOU want to be taking your cosmetology state board exam one day? Learn more about starting your beauty career here!

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