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Things to Avoid After Coloring Your Hair

After coloring your hair, there are specific things you can avoid to prolong your hair color and maintain healthy, beautiful hair.

Things to Avoid After Coloring Your Hair

One of the most common questions asked when people get their hair colored is, “How long will this last?” The answer to this depends on a variety of variables, such as what type of hair color it is and the lifestyle of the individual.

For instance, a person that’s not exposed to sunlight often and retreats from getting their hair wet when swimming will experience longer-lasting hair color than someone who bathes in the sun and goes under water when swimming.

We are investing in ourselves when we get our hair colored, therefore like with any good investment, we want it to last as long as possible and be worth our money/time!

After coloring your hair, there are specific things you can avoid to prolong your hair color and maintain healthy, beautiful hair. In this post, we will outline 6 things to hold off on doing after getting your hair colored!

1. Wash hair too often.

Each time you wash your hair, you’re breaking down the chemicals of your hair color. To minimize your color fading, take advantage of a dry shampoo and make a goal to wash your hair less frequently. On days when the dry shampoo just isn’t working and you don’t want to wash your hair, accessorize with hair clips, headband, scarf, hat, etc. There are also many “dirty hair” hairstyle ideas you can search for on Pinterest!

2. Use too much heat.

When it comes to hair, heat is such a a double-edged sword! We love how it makes our hair look, but we hate how it’s not good for our hair without protection and with frequent use. After coloring your hair, lay off the heat when you can and always use heat-protectant products when using hot tools. Your colored hair is more vulnerable and susceptible to damage when using heat. There are countless “heatless” styling methods and tools available for you to try yourself!

3. Style hair with various chemicals.

The less product you put on your colored hair, the happier it will be. The chemicals that make up styling products open up the cuticle, which enables hair color to leak out. Be mindful of what products you use on your hair and identify their purpose. Don’t use a product if it doesn’t have a distinct purpose! Only apply color-safe hair care products to prevent fading. Extend your color with the right hair care products and less frequent use.

4. Immediately wash hair.

Enjoy that freshly-done hair smell for at least a day before washing your hair after getting it colored! This will prevent the cuticle from opening out and any color bleeding out. Opt for cooler shower temperatures when washing your hair, as this will help keep the color where it belongs inside the cuticle.

5. Get in the pool.

Although it’s tempting in Florida to jump in the pool on a hot day, refrain from doing so after getting your hair colored. Chlorine is the arch nemesis of hair color! It’s in your hair’s best interest to keep your head above the water if you take a dip in the pool.

6. Bask in the sun.

While the sun has a plethora of health benefits, its vibrance strips the hair of color and leads to the appearance of brittle, fried hair. Keep your hair protected in the sun with SPF for your hair. There are many on the market to choose from! You can additionally protect yourself by wearing your choice of head-ware.

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