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What's the Difference Between Graduating from Cosmetology School & Graduating from College?

We’ll break down the unique aspects of graduating from cosmetology school in comparison to graduating from college! 

What’s the Difference Between Graduating from Cosmetology School & Graduating from College?

Graduating from any kind of educational institution is a significant milestone and in achievement in one’s life, whether it’s from a speciality, trade school such as cosmetology school, or from a traditional college. 

While both types of education hold their own importance, there are distinct differences between the two experiences. In this post, we’ll break down the unique aspects of graduating from cosmetology school in comparison to graduating from college! 

So, what sets these two paths apart? 

Practical Skills vs. Theoretical Knowledge:

One of the primary differences between cosmetology school and college is the focus on practical skills versus theoretical knowledge. Students are preparing for a career that relies on both their hands and their brains for success!

In cosmetology school, students are immersed in hands-on training right from the get-go. They learn the art of hair, skin, and nail care through practical demonstrations and supervised exercises. 

On the other hand, college education generally emphasizes theoretical concepts, research, and critical thinking skills in various academic disciplines. Often times, classroom-based learning entails less hands-on training; although this depends on what degree one’s studying. 

Program Duration:

Another difference lies in the duration of the educational programs. Depending on the chosen field of study, completing a degree can span two to four years, or more. Conversely, cosmetology programs can be completed in a relatively shorter timeframe and without as much of a time commitment. 

For instance, our cosmetology program only takes 1,200 hours, or approximately 9 months of full-time schooling to graduate. This condensed timeline allows aspiring cosmetologists to more rapidly enter the workforce and get a jumpstart in building their beauty careers! 

Career Focus:

While college education offers numerous degrees in a variety of industries, cosmetology school is specifically tailored for those interested in the beauty and wellness industries. 

Cosmetology students receive professionally advanced training in areas including hair artistry, nail care, makeup application, marketing yourself as a beauty professional, salon management skills, and more. 

Our curriculum is designed to equip future cosmetologists with the applicable skills and knowledge necessary to excel along their chosen career paths! Their success is our success. 

Licensing Requirements:

Out of the many occupations in our world, certain jobs require a license to lawfully practice or work, even if you’re a college graduate. 

Comparably, graduating from cosmetology school involves meeting precise state licensing requirements to work professionally as a licensed cosmetologist. After completing their schooling, potential cosmetologists must pass a state licensing exam to demonstrate the competency of what they learned. 

This process ensures that graduates are well-prepared to provide quality services to others and uphold all vital industry standards! 

Learning Environment:

Cosmetology school nurtures an exclusive learning environment that closely resembles the professional settings students will be working in post graduation. What a better way to learn than being thrust into the thick of it. You gotta pull the bandaid off at sometime!

Learning takes place in salon-like facilities, where students gain practical experience while working with real guests under the supervision of licensed educators. Our 10,000 square foot cosmetology school includes a stunning salon floor with 50 hair stations,16 nail stations, a waxing area, retail shelves, a makeup application zone, and more. Our students services over 2,000 guests per month! 

This active, first-hand approach to education fosters a sense of community and collaboration among students; allowing them to learn from one another and already begin to develop the confidence needed to build strong industry connections.

Career Opportunities:

Both college and cosmetology school graduates have a wide range of career opportunities available to them. College graduates may pursue professions within the scope of their chose degree, or they may explore opportunities in other industries.

Cosmetology school graduates can embark on careers as hairstylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, estheticians, salon managers, cosmetology school educators, beauty consultants, or even start their own businesses, etc. 

The beauty industry yields a multitude of avenues for professional growth and creativity. And, it doesn’t always require you being behind the chair (if that’s not your cup of tea!) There are a plethora of options when it comes to how a cosmetology license can make you a living. 

Ongoing Education and Advancement:

Continued education and professional development play crucial roles in both cosmetology school and college graduates’ careers. 

In the beauty industry, staying updated with the latest trends, techniques, and product knowledge is essential to staying relevant. Cosmetologists are advised to attend advanced training programs, workshops, trade shows, and industry events to remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving beauty landscape.

At TSI, we pride ourselves on year-round, top-tier education taught by platform artists from all over the world! This prepares our students for remaining consistent with continuing education classes post graduation. 

College graduates also have opportunities for furthering their education, such as pursuing postgraduate degrees or engaging in lifelong learning through seminars and conferences related to their field of expertise.

Graduating from cosmetology school and graduating from college are different experiences with their individual benefits. 

Cosmetology school supplies a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on training, and a shorter program duration, providing beauty professionals in-the-making with a fast track into the workforce. College education supplies a vaster academic foundation with a multitude of opportunities for specialization in miscellaneous fields.

Whether you choose to chase after a career in the beauty industry or a different path altogether, both cosmetology school and college can help push you in the direction of accomplishing your goals!

Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your interests, career aspirations, and learning preferences. Ask yourself: “What career would make me feel like ‘I don’t work a day in my life because I love what I do so much?’” 

At TENAJ Salon Institute, we are committed to delivering the best of the best when it comes to cosmetology education. Our mission is to empower each of our students to hone their craft as their own and make a name for themselves in the beauty industry.  

Contact us today to learn more about our cosmetology program and begin your journey toward an exciting and rewarding career! New classes begin each month!

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