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How-To: Get More Hair Volume

Achieving voluminous hair can be a struggle for all hair types. Anyone can amp up their hair’s volume with this post's tips and tricks!

How-To: Get More Hair Volume

A daily hair struggle is trying to achieve the perfect amount of volume, regardless of hair type. It could be what products you’re using, what products you’re not using, your hair type, product build-up, or many reasons why your hair is falling flat.

This can be fixed though! The hair fairies won’t let you down. Anyone can amp up their hair’s volume with the following tips and tricks!

1. Use volume-specific hair care products.

What hair care products you use does matter. Aim to invest in products purposed for adding volume or “body” to the hair. From the get, these ingredients will set your hair up for success.

You may notice that even with the right products, your hair is not lathering as it should and still lacking volume. This could be from product build-up, which is another culprit of flat hair. Interchange a clarifying shampoo to fully cleanse your scalp and give your hair a clean slate.

2. Thoroughly towel-dry your hair.

After showing, put your head down, gently towel dry your hair (microfiber towels work best,) and then wrap your hair in the towel while you apply your skin care products or continue your self-care routine. Let your hair sit for a few minutes to draw as much moisture out the hair before blowdrying.

2. Switch up your part.

Changing your part can dramatically change your look and reveal volume you may not have known you had! If you typically part your hair on the left side, part your hair on the right-side, and vice-versa. If you typically part your hair in the middle, try a side part. You’ll be surprised at the few inches you gain atop your scalp!

3. Tease it.

It’s not the 80’s, but teasing is still an effective method for adding volume to the hair — especially when you’re crunched for time. What you tease your hair with is dealer’s choice. Some prefer a brush, while others prefer a comb. Be gentle with your hair and add mousse and hairspray to really lock in the volume. Focus on the crown and roots of your head and tease small sections of hair at a time. When done, pat down any flyaway hairs or bumps to smooth out your look.

4. Use a curling iron at your roots.

This technique can be a bit tricky, so be careful when attempting to avoid any burns from your hot tool! It is recommended to practice the technique while the curling iron is not plugged in, to get the hang of the motion and hand placements. Take a small amount of hair at the root of your part and place the curling iron under the hair for only a few seconds. Do these all around the head to maximize volume!

5. Get ready with rollers.

As with teasing, rollers are another timeless hair technique that adds volume to the hair. Velcro rollers and hot rollers can both be used to get full, bouncy hair. Velcro rollers are mostly used to create volume, while hot rollers create voluminous, curls. Rollers are convenient when getting ready because they consume way less than time than using a handheld hot tool. They save time and leave you feeling fine!

6. Give yourself a blow-out.

Have you ever given yourself a blow-out? If yes, then you know how well a good blow-out can transform the hair’s volume. If no, no worries; it’s not an easy task to learn on yourself. You can still achieve more volume by just blowdrying your hair with your head upside down or tilted to the sides. Work those angles when you blow-dry and watch your hair rise!

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