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How-To: Get More Hair Volume

Achieving voluminous hair can be a struggle. Anyone can amp up their hair’s volume with this post's tips and tricks!

How-To: Achieve the No-Makeup Makeup Look

2022 has been a year of authenticity in the beauty industry. We are inspired to embrace our natural beauty and feel confident in our own skin. As a collective, society is evolving in their beliefs. They are realizing their outer beauty is a reflection of their inner beauty. Because of this realization, people are choosing to rock a natural look. Either way, if you prefer natural or glam makeup, do what makes you feel best! 

When scrolling through social media, you will come across several makeup tutorials describing how to achieve the “no-makeup makeup look.” In this post, we will provide 7 tips to help you recreate the no-makeup makeup look on yourself and others!

1. Commit to a skin care routine.

The foundation of natural beauty starts with taking care of your skin. Before applying any makeup, gently cleanse your face, neck, and chest. Follow this by applying a BB cream with SPF. If your skin is in need of extra hydration, or if your BB cream does not contain SPF, apply a moisturizer with SPF first.

2. Wear a BB cream.

BB cream offers a smooth, lightweight coverage that gives the skin a soft glow. BB creams come in numerous shades, and some contain SPF! They also are typically infused with antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients that nourish your skin.

3. Camouflage blemishes with concealer.

Let’s face it, every one gets blemishes! If you’re not wanting to showcase this to the world, cover these bad boys with a concealer that matches your skin tone. Dab the concealer on with your finger or a beauty blender for a more natural blend.

4. Master the perfect highlight.

Whether you like liquid highlighter or powder highlighter, apply highlighter to the parts of your face, neck, and chest you want to shine. The top of the cheekbones, tip of the nose, and dip above the lip are the most popular places.

5. Use a cream blush and bronzer.

Apply a cream blush with your fingers to create rosy cheeks without the blushing. For a more sun-kissed look, blend a little cream blush on the tip of your nose.

Bronzer looks great, until you over do it. Think Paris Hilton in the early 2000s! Never apply bronzer to the entire face, but use a makeup brush to sweep it across the hairline and top of your forehead, under your jawline, and lightly to the top of your cheeks for a radiant glow.

6. Pick your favorite lip stain color.

There’s nothing that kills a natural makeup look more than bright, dewy lips that are evidently, not natural. To avoid this, invest in a lip stain or two of your favorite lip colors. Lip stains do as they say; stain your lips, therefore it appears more natural than shiny lipstick or gloss. Be sure you like the color before applying it, as lip stains are more difficult to remove.

7. Let mascara being the finishing touch.

Now that you have prepped your skin and applied BB cream, concealer, highlighter, cream blush, and a lip stain, it’s time for the final step: mascara. Lightly apply the mascara, without applying such a thick layer. Choose if you want to apply mascara to only your top lashes, or if you want to include your bottom lashes too. After the mascara application, your no-makeup makeup look is complete! You’re ready for your everyday runway.

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