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Top Nail Care Practices

Today, nail care practices have been completely revolutionized around the globe. Learn more about the top 10 nail care practices for maintaining healthy, beautiful nails!

Top Nail Care Practices

Research shows that on record, people have been manicuring and pedicuring their nails for over 5,000 years! The ancient Babylonians painted their nails with kohl, Cleopatra stained her nails with henna, those in the Ming Dynasty had talon-like nails colored with a range of natural materials, such as egg whites and vegetable dyes. Humans have always been dedicated to beautifying themselves! 

Today, nail care practices have been completely revolutionized around the globe. From acrylic nails, to highly-detailed nail art, our nails are another canvas we can play with.

Below are the top 10 nail care practices for maintaining healthy, beautiful nails!

1. Practice good hygiene.

Dirty hands and nails are not only a sight for sore eyes, but not ideal from a health perspective. Be mindful to regularly and thoroughly wash your hands, and underneath your nails. This clean foundation is essential for healthy nails.

2. Trim and file your nails.

NO picking or biting! This is not “that girl” behavior. Instead, opt to trim and file your nails when necessary. If you are used to biting your nails, this may be a hard habit to break, but with time, the temptation will subside when you see how great your nails look!

3. Do your research.

Before visiting a nail salon or specific nail technician, do your due diligence and research what public information you can get your hands on. Check out their website and associated social media platforms. A quick Google search can potentially save you from entering a 1-star, poorly reviewed salon and guide you to booking at a 5-star nail salon with rave reviews.

4. Steer clear of harsh nail polish and nail polish remover.

If a nail product is loaded with chemicals, the less beneficial it is for your nails. Turn and learn the ingredients in your nail products to determine if it is a good choice. Additionally, beware of household cleaning products that may come into contact with your nails. Wear gloves and use sponges to protect yourself!

5. Apply a base and top coat when polishing.

A base coat acts a barrier to your nail from polish and a top coats act as a barrier for chip prevention. Using both a base and top coat optimizes the look and duration of your manicure or pedicure!

6. Be kind to your cuticles.

You do not need to perform surgery on your cuticles to maintain them. Your cuticles are delicate, important features of the nail that seals the base area of your nail. Avoid cutting or trimming them, just leave them be. Feel free to massage a cuticle cream or oil onto your cuticles when they are in need of hydration.

7. Moisturize your hands and nails.

As with your cuticles, your hands and nail beds require hydration too. Use a lotion you love to gently massage your hands and coconut oil or a nail treatment to massage your actual nail beds. Make this a part of your nightly self-care routine.

8. Always have a nail file handy.

It never fails that when you need a nail file, you never have one. Dodge this inconvenience by always keeping a nail file with you. In your purse, wallet, phone case, etc.! They have a wide variety of sizes and shapes to choose from.

9. Sterilize nail tools.

Any nail tools you have at home need to be frequently sterilized to kill any unwanted bacteria and ickiness. Use a hospital-grade disinfect or rubbing alcohol to properly sterilize your tools. At nail salons, be cognizant of their sterilization procedures, especially for foot baths. Infection-free nails is always the goal!

10. Treat ingrown or torn nails immediately.

Ingrown nails and torn nails are the nail’s arch nemeses. Take care of these as soon as you spot them to evade any irritation and infection. If the case is severe and cannot be taken care of in a salon, visit a dermatologist for next steps.

Use these top nail care practices to nourish your nails like they deserve.

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